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The Weekly Hot Spot Second Show

Mistress Holly loves it when you Cum to the Hot Spot!

The Weekly Hot Spot’s second show happened on Friday, April 16, 2010 at pm EST. It was a wonderful show! Mistress Holly and Mistress Delia had worked out some kinks from the first show and the show went off without a hitch! Both Mistresses were so pleased that so many communitykink chatters have already found their way to the Talkshoe web chat! Both Mistresses hope that all listeners take advantage of the download option in Talkshoe! Also please feel free to follow them, and leave comments about their show!

If you have been listening already you know that each week Empresses Delia and Holly talk about their favorite call of the week – LIVE on the show. Don’t you want to be talked about by your favorite Mistresses? We’re sure you do! So make sure to call us this week and try your hardest to get us to cum… then maybe you can have a sweet little download of us recounting how WET you got us! Yummy!

This week we had many sissies earning pennies for Ms. Ann’s auction. Mistress Gemma came by to play and talk about her new venture in Radio in Talkshoe’s chat! She’s going to be around for Hunter’s special Bus Garage show at 10pm Sundays on Cockradio while Empress Catherine is taking a break from the regular bus show. Empress Gemma is one of the very newest ladies of Enchantrix and we were so glad to have her on the show. We are sure for many people it was their very first taste of her voice!

The Mistresses introduced a NEW contest! Here are the rules:

  • Listeners need to navigate your way over to Talkshoe’s web based chat
  • Listeners need to stay for at least 30 minutes of the show.
  • Listeners must attend loyally, every week.
  • Any listener who meets this criteria will be entered into a monthly raffle!
  • A winner will be picked the first Friday of each month and announced on the show!

The winner may choose one 2 mistress call or 2 mistress sexytexting sessions with the Mistresses!

Both Mistresses love JT’s Stockroom, and this week they highlighted their toys for all to look at and hopefully buy for their own enjoyment! This week the sexy Mistress Delia, talked about her favorite Locking Cock Cage.This item is quite a good value for what it does and is available in both a small and a large size.  Mistress Delia shared how she has the large, is buying the small, and also shared how she lost her keys! Thus begins Mistress Delia’s spring cleaning! For anyone into cock control, tease and denial, or chastity, Mistress Delia highly recommends this toy!

The sultry Mistress Holly described in great detail The Liberator! She noted it allowed for so many positions that one could not normally get into! She enjoys the attached handcuffs too! At last Ms. Holly has found a Toy that will maybe keep her off of the kitchen table…maybe!

The Mistresses never seem to agree on the toys they do not like! Ms. Delia’s “worst toy review” was the lube shooter. While Mistress Delia though it was a bit off and awkward, she loved the price!  Mistress Holly quipped that once you think you’ve added enough lube with anal play, then you need to add more! So take a look and try one yourself. Ms. Holly noted in her “worst toy review” of nipple clamps, that her nipples were so sensitive, they do not respond well to the clamps. In fact, they burst her sexual bubble! She talked about her rough sex and how sometimes nipple clamps are good…but they can also be the worst. But Ms. Delia is a fan of clamps. Being the pain mistress, of course she would be! Check out some different clamps.  Maybe you’ll find a pair that works for you!

One thing both Mistresses agree on is that they want you to:

  • adore their show,
  • visit it each week,
  • and download it for your listening pleasure!

The Weekly Hot needs to become a regularly scheduled part of your week! Where else can you hear the corniest dirty jokes ever, get help in choosing sex toys, and get a sexy health tip on top of it all? The Weekly Hot Spot is the steamiest weekly recap designed for your listening enjoyment!

If you can’t wait to chat, call Mistress Delia or Mistress Holly for a sexy and smart phone session!
Dial 800-601-6975  You must be 18+
Calls are $2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum,
Discreetly billed to a major credit card.
Please feel free to go to https://ratemycall.com because we love to know what you think!