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The Weekly Hot Spot First Show

The Weekly Hot Spot’s first show happened on Friday, April 9, 2010. It was a great show! We had Sir Mathew come join us for some fun and flirty chat. We had many sissies earning pennies for Ms. Ann’s auction. Mistress Gemma even came by to play in Talkshoe’s chat!

If you were unable to catch the episode, you can go to Talkshoe to download it for your listening pleasure. Now, here’s the fun part. In one more week, the show will be offered as a Podcast that you can subscribe to! Imagine having the voices of the bubbly Mistress Holly and the enchanting Mistress Delia playing from your iPod anytime you want! Isn’t technology great?

One exciting aspect of this blog will be to link wonderful sex toys Mistress Holly and I review on the show.  Each week we will review a sex toy we just love, and think everyone should have! Here, we will link these products so you easily can click on them, and buy them.  The links will take you directly to JT’s Stockroom. Mistress Holly and I are big fans of the site, and are frequent buyers as you’ll see!

This week I, the toy-loving Mistress Delia, sung the praises for my new Kick Ass Pussy Pump! This item is inexpensive, is the most wonderful cotton candy pink color, and comes with an instructional DVD and a packet of lube! I love it because it increases every sensation I can have.  I already can have multiple orgasms, but with this toy, I am able to have more intense multiples, and have them in faster succession! In just a couple of weeks of playing with this pump, I have almost doubled the number of orgasms I can have in one session! This toy is absolutely worth it! And guys, I know most of you do not have the right equipment for this pump, though some of you lil guys can use it, but still you can always buy it as a gift! That special Mistress, girlfriend, or fuck buddy will so appreciate you for getting this gift! I cannot rave enough about this toy.

Mistress Holly described in great detail her amazing multifunctional vibrator! I’m sure you are thinking there are so many… and there are… but Empress Holly is all about the Eager Beaver. With the dual action shaft and vibrator clit beaver, this toy can go on for hours and hours of fun. So many buttons! And Holly loves to switch it up a bit and use the clit vibrator right on her cute little ass. That’s right boys a girls, the Eager Beaver might be your partner’s first step into the wonderful world of anal – check it out!

Mistress Holly and I truly hope that our show, The Weekly Hot Spot becomes a regularly scheduled part of your week! We think you will love the addition of each special weekly guest and what they add to the show. We will keep you informed of special events, activities, and announcements. You will even get to win Two Mistress Calls with me and Mistress Holly by winning one of our contests! We hope to get a hearty chuckle or even a corny sigh when we tell our Weekly Dirty Joke. We hope enjoy our Weekly Sex Toy Reviews and that you buy, try and love what we suggest. Remember we will steer you away from the toys we have tried that did not work do well for us as well. We want you to learn about health and fitness from our weekly health tips. Also follow along as Mistress Holly gets ready to run another half marathon, and as I continue my reverse pyramid muscle training techniques. Think of The Weekly Hot Spot as our eclectic weekly recap just for you to enjoy!

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