For Mistress Delia and Mistress Layla, knowing that we have erotic control of a man is very hot: knowing how to control that control is even hotter! This week on The Weekly Hot Spot, we discussed this control; the control of Tease and Denial. Our focus was not on what WE could do, but was on all of the feelings T&D brought up in our wonderful friends over at Enchantrix Empire. Take a look:

JohnnyBravo420  on ClaireEnchantrix’s profile:
 Hello my American Mistress, your audio was most pleasing to listen too and it makes chastity even HARDER! However the journey I am taking with you is something no orgazm can replace.Talk soon…

Denial for Mistress Gemma Day3 by daisy303
In day 3 in my Denial I was on my computer the funny thing happend my little dickie got hard so i was chatting and i told myself dont cum and i was dressed in my black night gown when this happend. I woke this moning and didnt see any cum in my panties but it was hard still a little so i took a shower but i still didnt cum so i put m panties back on and clothes and went to work with a little hard on but i didnt cum it was hard to work. When i got home i took a shower and let myself dry off i still was hard and i put my feminine clothes back on itwas about to cum but i held it in. So thats another succseful denial.  So that’s day 3 of my denial so stay tuned for more of daisys Denial for Mistress Gemma i have 28 days left unless Mistress wants me to do it longer.

saloo about Alexis: My Denial Goddess
I don’t know what really happens to me when I talk to my goddess Alexis.. I want to orgasm but i am not allowed to..  Last night I was going to do it and it almost happend but when she said NO then i quit and it was the best denial i’ve ever had… Thank you so much Goddess Alexis …

Chronic Masturbator discusses Non-stop since wifes sister caught me masturbating (again)
Alexandria played the part perfectly and totally took control of my cock after walking in on me beating off while the wife was out. I have been beating off pretty much non stop, pounding fast and furious since then. I have been on the edge closer than I ever have before, using every bit of strength to hold back till i get permission to cum. I am shaking and twitching because I’m so damn close to orgasm!! I think I might lose my mind if I am not found worthy of a release. I am willing to do just about anything to be able to explode all over the place.  I feel like such a pathetic jerk off not being able to cum when I want, to have to get permission to have an orgasm. I beat off constantly and now have no control over it, she ownes me and she knows it, if my wife finds out I was caught masturbating, again, she will divorce me. How fucking pathetic would that be, getting divorced for being a chronic masturbator!!!

teezedpurple talks about ORGASM DENIAL DAY 39on 3-18-2011
I had a most wonderful 20 minute call with Ms. Tia. I also tried some anal play for the first time. I inserted a small contoured vobrator in my anus and used a second dildo shaped vibrator on my balls and cock. I made excellent use of my cock ring and it helped me maintain great control. I edged for Mistress Tia during our phone session 5 times. I was then commanded to continue my edging the rest of the afternoon which I did. This evening there is to be a full moon and it is to be the closest to the earth in years. Mistress Tia has asked me to edge for her this evening as long as I can before I fall asleep.
I can say that my balls are so full and I ache to cum so badly. Thank You Mistress Tia for your guidance and your paitience with you edge pet.

Gummybear discussed denial on 
Begging is such an integral part of my fantasy, even though I worry that my begging might be good enough and I am rewarded with an unwanted orgasm. I know it sounds counter intuitive to beg for an orgasm that I don’t want but that’s me. I love to beg and I love being told no. I beg for release and now I’m on permanent denial. I love to beg, and plead, finding that special someone who enjoys hearing it but will never be swayed by it is truly magical.

wessypoo on Ms. Morgan
I love edging and denial! It’s all about letting things build and giving up control to a Mistress while letting her decide when is the best time for release. Plan ole’ jerking off becomes kind of boring once you experience putting your cock into her hands.