Three Sexy Mistresses

Starting Friday, April 8th The Weekly Hotspot has two hot, sexy Mistresses to tease, tempt and tantalize you!  Ms. Layla joins Ms. Delia with a new approach to your hot spot.  Get ready for some exciting new segments to the show.  We are keeping the best of the previous format:

~  Jokes

~  Trivia & Contests with Ms. Delia

~  Sex Toy Reviews with Ms. Delia and Ms. Layla

~  Health Tips…get ready for Boot Camp…a 4 week program designed to get you into optimal performance shape

New and Exciting Segments

Along with the old favorites, we have created some entirely new segments for you.  Among them, you will be enjoying: 

~  In the Hotseat…a call-in session.  One lucky person will be chosen to call in based on the email he submitted for that week’s topic.  He will get to read the email he sent us, and talk with all three of us live on the show.  

~  Yoga and Spirituality…with Ms Layla.  Ms. Delia has been giving you awesome tips for cutting calories and incorporating healthy habits into your life.   Ms. Layla would like to add another dimension that promises to add depth to your healthy lifestyle.  Did you know that in addition to increasing your flexibility certain yoga poses will, with regular practice, enable you to last longer and enjoy a more intense feeling?

This Week’s Topic

Who doesn’t love a good masturbation session?  You do…we certainly do!  Our show topic this Friday is “Masturbation- Give Yourself a Hand”.  So you already know the show will be gripping.  Tune in for a frank discussion on the topic of masturbation, extreme cock teasing, tease and delay, orgasm denial, and all other joys of stroking.

More than that, you will hear some hilarious masturbation jokes, trivia on the topic of masturbation and masturbation sex toy reviews.  Be ready Hot Spot chatters to volunteer some of your favorite masturbation toys.  Got a homemade toy?  A type of lube you’ve created?  We want to hear all about it!

How to Get Into Our Hotseat

Starting next week, send us an email on the show topic for that week.  We’re so interested in your thoughts or questions on the topic.  Email them to or  We will choose one winner.  You will be notified in advance of the show.  The winner will get to call in, read their email or have one of us read it, and talk with the incredibly sexy Mistresses who host the show.  Live on air!

Finding Us on Talkshoe

So easy!  Follow this link straight to our Talkshoe profile.  You will need to register, but it is free!  You can listen live, chat with us in the chatroom during the show, or download the shows later and listen when you are alone and able to be fully turned on.

Your Hot Sexy Hosts…

Ms. Delia & Ms. Layla