Do you love Sex Toys? Then this podcast is one you won’t want to miss! This week, in The Weekly Hot Spot Episode 97, Ms. Delia and Ms. Marilyn got together and chatted about all their favorite sex toys- and you know kinky Women like us know our toys. Not only are we featuring a couple of our favorite vibrators, but we’re sharing some of our favorite Femdom toys too 😉

Lelo MonaThe show kicked off with some vibrating fun when Ms. Marilyn compared her two favorite G-Spot vibrators! Each has their own pros and cons, with one being better for focusing the sensation on that special spot, and the other being a toy of the thrustable variety 😉 Next up, Ms. Delia chatted about her favorite CBT toys starting with some delightfully devious rubber tipped clothespins. After sharing a fantasy with us about clothespin CBT art, she clued you into a gorgeous parachute ball stretcher and a few wicked methods she has for giving those balls a good stretch!

After a break for some sexy tunes, Ms. Marilyn talked about a fetish that both your Hot Spot Mistresses share- anal play 😉 You’ll learn a few things about how an orgasm from prostate play compares to a Woman’s intense G-Spot orgasms as we chat about the perfect beginners prostate massager, and for those of you experienced in ass play- a sexy, fuckable butt plug was recommended for our butt sluts looking to try something new! For our strokers, not only did Ms. Delia talk about a naughty pocket pussy- but she also clued you in to the shower mount so you can get some thrusting action, and get a little dirty while you’re getting clean 😉

You can check out the full reviews of all the toys featured in our sex toy show on our partner blog, Our next show will be on Sunday, July 20th at 8pmEST– so mark your calendars and join in on the fun!