DeliaAndMarilynWHS jpgThis week, in The Weekly Hot Spot Episode 96, Ms. Delia and Ms. Marilyn got together to chat about the sensual, the strict, and the psychological for our Erotic Humiliation show! Erotic Humiliation is a fetish we both enjoy exploring- we are, after all, Mistresses of Mindfuckery.  Tonight’s show was a sexy combination of laughter and kinky chat, which all started with Ms. Marilyn’s Sex Toy Reviews!

I featured the “How May I Help You” gag in this weeks show after Ms. Delia pointed it out as the perfect humiliation sex toy. It truly is 😉 This gorgeous leather bit gag can fit a variety of attachments- and there may have been a feather duster and a dildo involved. The only way to find out is to read the full review over at! Next up, Ms. Delia talked about the sexy and devious psychology behind erotic humiliation, and the spine tingling sensations that run through your body when Her humiliating words make you blush- or put you in your place. She beautifully described the difference between humiliation play that can be very erotic in a safe realm, and types of humiliation that can be psychologically damaging- so you can negotiate your scenes to keep humiliation in the right realm for you and your Mistress.

Ms. Marilyn helped you decode Erotic Humiliation with a lesson in communication! Humiliation is a relative fetish that is all about the connection that you share with your Mistress- and it’s often that unique connection that allows limits to be pushed, but not broken in your humiliation play. Pair our kinky chat with a bit of SPH and emasculation and this podcast is one you won’t want to miss 😉