This week, in The Weekly Hot Spot Episode 83, Ms Marilyn and Ms Delia brought their favorite paddles, floggers, and crops for our very special Spanking Show! It’s that time of year where the air is still frigid, and yet hopes of spring are just around the corner- so what better time of year to warm up your bottom while we wait out the cold? 😉

DeliaAndMarilynWHS jpgThe truth is, we know there is always a naughty boy or a panty stealing sissy in need of a spanking, so we brought more than enough fun to keep you covered! We happen to love smacking a perky bottom so much that Ms Delia and Ms Marilyn both had a spanking awesome toy to feature for this weeks Sex Toy Reviews!  I featured a gorgeous leather slapper with holes that can be used for a sensual tease, as well as a wicked sting when combined with the perfect flick of the wrist- and Ms Delia plans to give her naughty boys the boot with the multitalented JackBoot Paddle! Whether she’s using the smooth but sturdy wooden side to turn your bottom cherry red or leaving a size 14 boot print on your ass with the other side, you know you’ll want to read what she has to say about this beauty at !

We’ll be back on Friday, March 7th at 7pmEST with an all new Weekly Hot Spot sure to warm you up through April, so stay tuned and have a hot and sexy week 😉