Legs that go on for miles- Literally ;)

Legs that go on for miles- Literally 😉

This week, in The Weekly Hot Spot Episode 81, Ms Delia and Ms Marilyn gathered up their favorite tiny men and grew to amazing heights for our Giantess Show! Once we got to talking, we discovered that we both adore all the possibilities we have when it comes to playing with teeny tiny, quivering men who can fit in the palm of our hand! Find out why I adore this fetish as a form of mental bondage, and how Ms Delia loves to use little men as her sex toys!

For Ms Marilyn’s Sex Toy Reviews we featured a miniature flogger this week – the perfect toy for a Giantess to shoo away a tiny man interrupting her date! You can see the review over at www.kinkclassroom.com, and tell us how you might feel being tickled (or spanked) by a flogger just your size 😉

Next Friday, The Weekly Hot Spot will be taking a break – but we’ll be back on Valentine’s Day- Friday, February 14th at 7pm EST – and we’ll have our cockteasing Princess Andi with us! She’s collecting your Valentine’s notes now through February 12th, and she’ll be reading them on The Weekly Hotspot with us, and continuing with her own special show at 8pm EST  😉 That’s right – three sexy Mistresses, and two full hours of Valentine’s Day fun! Check out her Valentine Mystery Admirer post on The Daily Cock to find out how YOUR note can be featured on the show – we know you want to 😉