Do you take it in the ass? Each Mistress talks about the ins and outs (pun intended) of strapon play.  You’ll hear Ms Olivia, Ms Delia and Ms Erika talk about: preparing for anal sex, how to ease discomfort of first time strap-on play, best lubes for pegging, and more. Hear each Femdom talk about strap on play, pegging and anal. The Weekly Hot Spot podcast kink sex bdsm femdom

The Weekly Hot Spot is full of naughty fun, stories and, of course, sex education from Femdoms who love kink, fetish and BDsm.  Oh and they love all kinds of sex too as regular fans know.

Sex podcast full of kink and fetish fun

Welcome to The Weekly Hot Spot: kink conversation, advice, insight from the worlds of distance domination and phone sex. We are your hosts: Mistress Delia, Ms Olivia and Ms Erika. Listen along here on the blog or join us on Cock Radio on Spreakr.

Strap on sex for beginners

strapon sex for beginnersMs Olivia:  Let’s talk about getting ready.  Ms Delia, you blog often about anal training. So this podcast is right up your alley, isn’t it? ~laughs~

Ms Delia:  I say yes to that. I love myself a good anal slut. You can read all of my anal training adventures on my blog, Beg for Mistress. I write about it because I love it. I’m an anal play enthusiastic and I have audios and anal training programs in our Erotic Audio Store as well.

Ms Olivia:  Ms Erika, I am so thrilled that you are going to be a regular co host. You can tell that The Weekly Hot Spot is just a naughty little place to be.

Ms Erika:  Absolutely. I love it. Thank you for inviting me. It’s such an honor to be amongst you. And um, the subject today is very deep and penetrating. I’m really eager to get into it. ~laughs~

Ms Olivia:  This is why Mistress Erika fits right in! 

Ms Delia:  Oh, she does.

Ms Olivia:  Before we get you all hot and bothered, there are a lot of people listening via Apple podcast. Do us a favor, please subscribe to the podcast like it and leave a review on iTunes.

You can also leave comments on this blog. We love comments. 

So if you are bent over in position, you should still be able to type on a computer. I mean, it’s right there. You’re on all fours. There’s really no excuse for not doing this. You know we love to talk about sex toys for men and this episode is going to be so much fun!

What is strapon play and strapon phone sex?

Ms Olivia:  Since this is strap-on play 101, what is strap-on play? What is strap-on phone sex?

strapon Mistress Delia 1-800-601-7259Ms Delia:  I’ll give the definition of strap-on play.  Strapon play is fun. It is also known as pegging. And this is where a woman like us penetrates a man’s anus with a strap on type of sex toy. 

From this type of play, there is often a power exchange and incredibly intense prostate stimulation: many men crave this type of anal play and enjoy the resulting pleasure.

What is pegging?

Ms Olivia:  You mentioned pegging. I didn’t realize this until researching this particular podcast. That term comes from the Dan Savage column on pegging.

He asked Savage Love readers to come with a name for the request – something instead of “Would you let me do you in the ass with a strap-on?”

That’s kind of bulky, right? So it’s a mouthful and not a good kind of mouthful. Femdom Mistress Olivia strapon pegging podcast

A Savage Love reader suggested, pegging.

It’s crisp, clean, easily conjugated. “He asked her to peg him. She loves pegging him. He spent all night long being pegged. 

One of my favorite blog posts on my blog Experienced Mistress was The Femdom Pegging Club. So hot. 

You know, that whole title would change if it was the Femdom strapon in his ass club. Right? Pegging just sounds so cool.

Ms Erika:  Much better.

Ms Delia: That’s where I call bullshit with this because I think it’s been called pegging for a shit ton of a long time before that.Peg Race Game

Back in the day, you would do pegging races where there would be different wooden pegs attached to like a wooden dowel. (This is still popular, in fact you can buy the Peg Race equipment from Xcite! Sexual Equipment.)

And this was in the kink world and guys would start at the beginning and you have to go down on one, up his ass and then up and then down the other. And they get bigger and thicker as you go on. Anyone who could finish was the pegging winner. 

Ms Olivia:  That was on a seat though, right?  And you sit down – it’s not a strapon from a woman.

Ms Delia:  No. Yeah. It’s you know what? Maybe one of our listeners can research that and let us know in the comments on the blog. That’s an assignment. 

Ms Olivia:  You read that column too didn’t you Ms Erika?

Ms Erika:  Yep. I did. There were some very interesting things in there. 

Ms Olivia:  So, the pegging club, we need to start The Femdom Pegging Club over here. Don’t we? 

Ms Delia: Oh. Yes we do. 

phone sex erotic audio storeMs Olivia: That’s another audio that we should record for the Erotic Audio Store.  Welcome to the Mistress Pegging Club. Right?

Ms Erika:  We can do pass the pegging slut.  

Ms Olivia:  Of if it’s a sissy named Peggy – we can do Pegging Peggy.

I actually knew someone whose name was Bendova.

Ms Erika:  They just followed me on Twitter today. Bendova. I love it. 

Common questions about anal play

Ms Olivia:  So we’re laughing because we’re completely comfortable with anal, but that’s not true for everyone. There are a couple common questions about anal play. 

Mistress am I gay if I like anal?

Ms Olivia:  The first one is the, “what does it mean” question which could be asked about anything. 

I had a married guy ask, Does liking anal mean I’m gay?   Short answer? No. That’s a very short answer, but no, there are lots of questions that fall into the category of what does this mean? You know what, actually, we should do a whole podcast answering the, “what does this mean” question?

Ms Delia:  I love that topic. Yeah.

Ms Olivia:  The other most common question:  “Mistress will anal play hurt?”

Will anal hurt?

Ms Delia:  I want to answer that one because this is a question I get asked all the time and I blog about anal training.

Anal play absolutely does not have to hurt, but you can’t take something the size of a really extra large cucumber and get it up there on the first day.

I recommend a very slow approach. I love for men to take some time, get sensual, explore their anus and perineum with massage so that they can feel the pleasure without insertion. You can touch that prostate. 

When they’re ready, I welcome them to start with just one finger or one small toy and starting slowly can help to not only ease your nerves, but ensure a pleasurable pain-free experience.

Ms Olivia:  Absolutely.

Femdom Mistress Erika strapon trainingMs Erika:  That’s a beautiful thing Delia. You’re absolutely right. He can think about it sort of like a foreplay. Getting her ready to have sex with you, just like with anal play, you explore, you become comfortable with the touching and the arousal. 

And really, especially for the first time, the more aroused and turned on you are before any penetration of anything whatsoever, it’s going to be more exciting and pleasurable for you and your brain’s going to start clicking and going:  “Yes, yes, yes. I want more of that.”

And once you get them there to the prostate there, ain’t no turning back.

Ms Olivia:  Erika, you and I have talked a lot about communication, all three of us have talked about it.  We have communicated about communication!

Joking aside, we talk with our callers about the value of communication.  This is especially important with anal play. 

Ms Erika:  Absolutely. It’s key. I mean, to explore yourself is one thing, but when you move on to a partner, it is okay to say, “Oh, wait a minute, slow down.” Your body has to get used to the stimulus. 

It’s not going to be like, you know, in porn. “Oh yeah. Okay. I want something in my butt. Oh, this is fantastic.” That’s not how real life is. 

When you ask a Mistress about exploring anal sex, you should know where to go.. Stop looking at porn, you come to us. Porn is really good for getting your dick off, but it’s not good for learning anything about real sex.

Ms Olivia:  You bring up a great point because I have had people who were like, no, I don’t want to do an anal training with a series of anal training butt plugs, small, medium, and large. I don’t want this tiny little smooth vibrator in me. I want to take this 12 inch coke can sized cock right up first thing, I’m going to shove it in. And I’m like, you know, that’s a great fantasy. Do not do that in reality, because you will rip and tear things. And the minute that happens, all anal play stops, right? naughty nurse fetish kink

This might be appealing to the people that have a medical fetish, but chances are, it’s a little bit different than this particular trip to the ER.

Of all of the nurses that I’ve seen, not a one wears latex in the hospital. Can I say that? Not a one. 

Ms Erika:  True! ~laughs~

Ms Olivia:  Communication, I think, falls in the category of prep, but there’s also some really serious prep work  – hygiene prep that is.

Hygiene prep for anal = mental comfort

Ms Delia: I tend to talk about that actually a lot. I think we’re talking about comfort. We just talked about pain and comfort. Mental comfort is also a big thing. And if you prep for anal play, you can really, really, really set your mind at ease. I suggest that everyone prepare for all BDsm play, it’s just more fun this way.

I get a lot of questions about, you know, Mistress, how can I be ready? How can I get myself ready for that toy or that strap on? 

What I say is just be clean inside and out. Anal hygiene is important.  If you take a few minutes to clean up, have a nice shower, get yourself ready. You’ll have some peace of mind and not worry about things because you’re going to be ready for it.

Set up your space for your Mistress stap-on session

Ms Delia: Also when you’re playing set the room up, set up what you are going to need.

  • Your toy
  • Lube (lots of lube)
  • Condoms – covering for your toy
  • Towels
  • Gloves for your hands, if you don’t want to be touching yourself, that’s fine. 

And this way you’ve set up for your anal play session. You’re clean inside and out and nothing has to be interrupted. You can just take your time and get sexy with yourself and go for it.

Ms Erika:  Mm Hmm. That’s perfect. All of this really helps when you have a Mistress guiding you.

Anal training over Skype

Ms Erika:  Anal training done over Skype is where we can watch and say, okay, stop – just wait, just wait. Show me the butt plug that you want to put in. 

A Mistress can take the person through anal training while we’re watching. Some people love to be watched, they want to show you everything. “Please, please look at my butt hole!” Others are “I don’t want to show you anything.”  Everything that you are feeling is fine. Know that we have seen more assholes than … than a ….a proctologist. 

Ms Olivia:  I was going to say … than a politician!  ~laughs~

After your strapon session

Ms Olivia:  Now the pre-care is super important and then there’s the aftercare, right. 

Mistress Erika strapon sex podcastMs Erika: Absolutely. This is the exact opposite of that foreplay.  Asking how are you feeling?  Making sure that that person is whole again,

I mean, they’re in a very vulnerable space, especially if they’re on Skype, especially if we can see, especially if something just doesn’t go perfect. So we’re, we’re used to that where it’s okay if things don’t go perfect, we’ll just go to plan B.

But to allow that person, that time and space to ask questions, or just to breathe with you is so important in a lot of sexual encounters, not just strap on or anal play, it’s a fantastic way of connecting and sharing that shared intimacy. And it’s also a way to kind of come back – in kink play after care is critical because you want the submissive to get grounded in reality and kind of come back to reality.

Ms Olivia: It’s also important for the Mistress as well because a Mistress gets into her Domme space and we need to come back to reality and be grounded in reality. 

Ms Erika:  Yes, it is both physical and mental coming down, reconnecting with reality. 

The truth is you’re in an altered state of consciousness. You were floating in these energies and to just to break that and stop that cold is more detrimental than if you didn’t do it and you just desire these things and never get them. 

Ms Olivia:  Some guys, I will say, they just hang up right before they cum or right after they cum. They hang up the phone or they hang up on Skype.  That’s what they need and that’s what they want. That’s fine. I think the key thing to remember is that kind of anything is possible when we’re in open communication. Ms Delia and I even did a podcast about how to communicate with a Mistress.

Speaking of communication, and I’m just going to say it because I’m this blunt. Some people have said, I think you’re trying to pad the call. Not many people have said that to me. One has said it about me and one said it to me and the entire time that I’ve been here, but I’m sure some people have thought it.

Here’s the thing, none of us have to pad anything. We get off the phone and another call is lined up, right? You’re listening to three of the most popular Mistresses so we don’t have to “pad” calls.  

If that’s a concern that just shows a basic sense of mistrust of this person that you’re trusting with your most intimate self. You really need to find a different Mistress. I’m going to say bluntly. I don’t want to talk to someone who worries about me, padding a call and the aftercare or the warmup foreplay. It can be however long he wants it to be. It can be as short as one minute. It can be as short as a couple of minutes. Just something before, the “what am I doing you today, buddy?”

This is an example, it was in the middle of baseball season and I like baseball. I was all excited about something and I’m like, “Hey, good to hear from you. A baseball fan. I’m so excited.” I asked him, “Do you like baseball?” And he goes, I did not call you to talk about baseball. And I’m like, “O-k-a-y, so what are we doing?”

Now I don’t even say, “How are you?”  Once I find out it’s him I just say, “What are we doing today?”  And it’s not as much fun. There’s no connection. I’m a masturbation sleeve for that guy. And you know, the calls are short so I do it. But it’s, there’s no connection. Right?

Ms Erika:  Right. And then that’s the fact of it. What we do — a lot of times we are a guilty indulgence. They need some help masturbating. Maybe they have a hard time achieving orgasm and our sexual energies are such that provides that service to them. 

When somebody doesn’t want to take the time, like you said, Olivia, for a moment before or a moment after the session I have to look at it and see what kind of a session it was. Is it really this intense or it’s just, you know, we’re sharing dirty talk and you are jerking off and cumming or is it a real mental experience for them? 

And if you’re not into those few minutes then please educate yourself about what is actually happening to you and your mind and your body and understand that we are here for you. Not just because of your call, but because this is something we love doing. And we do want to take care of you, that old adage of a sadistic, heartless, leather clad Mistress is not reality. Find Dominant Woman The Weekly Hot Spot adult podcast 1-800-601-7259

Ms Olivia:  We might do that and be that in the scene. 

Ms Erika:  Right. 

Ms Olivia:  But it’s not who we are as people. You mentioned sadistic so of course I thought of Delia. She and I actually had a blog called The Pain Mistress. We have that content now on our main blogs.

All three of us have a very mean Mistress side.  It’s so much wicked fun in the scene but each of us are … as a person I’m goofy. We’re all goofy. We’re all fun and loving. 

Ms Erika:  Right!

Lube for anal play

Ms Olivia:   So Delia mentioned lube, let’s talk about lube. Part of foreplay is getting ready. Lube it up. A quick google search brings up a bunch of articles that say things like best lubes for anal sex.

Remember your lube tips:

  • silicone lube degrades silicone toys 
  • oil-based lube degrades latex toys, including latex condoms.
  • water-based is the best overall lube. But, (no pun intended) water-based lube will dry out quickly and that’s not good for anal sex.

I like silicone-based lube for anal sex because it lasts the longest. And it’s like super slippery. Lube for anal sex

Every year there are new and best lube reviews we even have an expert here at LDW.

Ms Delia:  We do. And you know, you don’t have to Google the best lube when you can come here and look on Mistress Constance’s blog, Intelligent Femdom. She actually has a tab with her Lube reviews and she goes through every kind of lube update then writes about so many different types that we haven’t even mentioned.

Ms Olivia:  Bacon flavored lube!

Ms Delia: Right!  And flavors!

Ms Delia:  It’s absolutely worth a read. If you’re looking to upgrade your lube. I have recently been using, I mean, I don’t use a lot of latex condoms or latex toys. So I use a lot of natural lubes like almond oil recently. So that’s been my fun, but check out Intelligent Femdom and the lube reviews,

Ms Erika:  You know, Ms Delia, you just brought up a good point. Know what your toys are made from – whether they’re made from silicon or other, maybe hard plastics. Know what they’re made from before you start playing with them. 

And of course a water-based lube is always the safest bet. 

I always say there’s no such thing as too much lube. If you need lube, communication is key. Let’s do it. 

Ms Olivia:  Plus I think that’s really sexy, you know, lubed up. When I look at anal porn and it’s not all slippery and wet, I’m like, okay, that woman is not having a good time. She may be moaning, but I guarantee she is not having a good time. 

Dildo versus strap-on

Ms Delia:  So for me a strap-on is honestly, it’s just a dildo on a strap.There are so many dildo options that you can use in a strapon harness. The difference is you’ve got the strap that you can wear around you, or you have some with a larger flange that you can pop into a harness, a, maybe more tapered on both ends. The strap on has the flange, but they’re very, very similar. So oftentimes you can use different toys interchangeably.

Ms Olivia:  You can also use butt plugs for anal training. They’ve actually got anal training kits. So you’ve got a small, medium and large butt plug for anal training. Those are fantastic. 

Ms Delia:  The ones that I like are similar to butt plugs, they’re called anal dilators and a butt plug will kind of be that cone shape. So it’s wider and then it nips in really a lot and then it has the base. The anal dilator goes straight down. So for stretching it’s even better.

Ms Olivia:  Let me just also throw out, once you’re kind of stretched, remote control anal play is amazing. 

Ms Erika:  Lovense has a device called the hush. That’s a butt plug shaped device that is remote controlled, I can control the vibrations.  We can all control it over the internet. 

Did you realize that Olivia, that you can actually create patterns for the Lovense remote control sex toys and include them into different assignments and training? Isn’t that brilliant?

Ms Olivia:  Oh yes. 

Different kinds of strapon and harness 

Ms Olivia:  We’re not going to talk about the hollow ones, cause those are for men where their penis fits inside of it. 

Ms Erika: That’s a different show.

Ms Olivia:  Dildos for strap-ons are solid and there are a variety of types. They can be double-sided: one side goes in the woman, one side goes in the man.  They can be triple sided: one side goes in the vagina and then one in the ass – or if you have a female submissive then one in her pussy and one in her ass — but mostly we’re going to be talking about the single or the double sided ones: textured, vibrating, realistic looking. Do you guys have a particular style that you’d like the best?

Ms Delia:  I do. I love two kinds to be honest. 

Getting into strapon sex without discomfort

Ms Delia:  When you have a beginner, who’s not really had a lot of anal play experience. I love to use a super smooth dildo about an inch or less in diameter. So about the size of a finger of a woman, not a man’s big finger.

The smoothness makes it feel really good inside the body. And it’s just a small little thing to push in. So it gets you into strap on sex without discomfort, and it’s a very sexy feeling. 

And then when you’re more experienced, what I call the perfect dildo is the real feel cyberskin dildo cause Ms. Delia does people bear back. About seven to eight inches long with good girth, not thick, but just nice and girthy. Like you want to give it a squeeze. That’s what I like. 

How to find the best strapon dildo for you

Ms Olivia:  My advice is start small and simple and work your way up in size. There are a lot of strapon dildo options – find the one that feels the best to you.

Ms Erika:  Adding a vibration or the rotation to your toy can prove some fantastic prostate play and stimulation. 

And for those who are like on the fence, they’re like, okay, well I’m interested, but I’m still not convinced.  Get a little vibe in there. I think the Lovense butt plug actually is a little bit too big to start. 

Get a little vibe a small prostate massager.  Once a man is hooked on that prostate stimulation, they’re open for a lot of play.

What is the best strapon harness?

Ms Olivia:  Let’s talk about harnesses.  There is a lot of advice about finding the best strapon harness and dildo, we’ll talk about what we use and like. But first, one of my personal pet peeves. Okay. some from a sex shop are shoddy and fall apart.  I had those when I started getting into strap-on play and it just made me mad. 

I was at a fetish event and I happened to meet this woman who did custom leather work for custom saddles. And I said to her, if I design a strap-on harness can you make it for me? She said, yes. So I designed a full panel strapon harness. 

Ms Delia:  Fantastic. 

Ms Olivia:  It does not bounce around at all. Not at all. And I’ve got one in black and I had one in white and ended up losing it in a move or whatever. So I just have the black one and it is my absolute favorite. I only use O-rings with it. It has zero wiggle. 

Have either of you used the Doc Johnson vacuum locks. Do you know anything about those? 

Ms Erika:  I’ve never tried them. 

Ms Delia:  Yes I have. And I’m not like a super fan of them. I mean, they were okay, but I didn’t notice a whole bunch. And if we’re talking about harnesses, the one that I love, they are three or four companies that sell different ones. 

Woman owned strapon company

Ms Delia:  My favorite one is the Rodeoh strapon harness – they have a really good panty harness that has an O-ring just like you are talking about. This is a cheeky panty and it has a little strap, like a bra strap, underneath. So it hooks really well onto your legs. It’s very, very sexy. And that is probably right now my favorite kind of harness.

Ms Olivia:  Mine looks like a rodeoh but mine is a little bit bigger. Oh and Rodeoh is having a sale right now of the panty harness and dildo combined. Sales are awesome!

Ms Erika:  Well, it looks like I’m going shopping after this podcast, ladies. 

Ms Delia:  They are fantastic. Aren’t they pretty? A black bra with any of them and you’re good to go. 

Ms Olivia:  And you know, what’s really hot with that?  Wear a leather bra with that. Get one that has a sheer see-through sheer cup so your nipples are showing.

Ms Erika:  Very nice. I’m just going to have to take a break soon. I feel sexy in the moment. 

Sex positions for pegging your man

Ms Olivia: Okay. So sex positions for pegging your man.  This is another of my pet peeves with porn, basically everything, all of sex in porn is basically doggy style. Have you noticed that it’s basically doggy style and I think it’s because they can film underneath, then on top and from this side. I like doggy style sex. I mean, that’s fabulous. I love the POV porn and POV doggy style. It’s like amazing for camera work in porn but for real play there are so many other positions for anal beyond doggy style.

Amazon position for pegging

Ms Delia:  I agree. My very favorite position, actually a caller told me about it,  is the Amazon position. And you can actually, it’s funny, you can Google, what is the Amazon position? And the first link is going to be a web MD link. So maybe we’ll put that in on our blog. There’s a link and it gives a description. 

So basically what it is: guys imagine you’re laying on your back. The true Amazon position is you pull your legs back and the woman kind of leans in.  The Amazon position for me for strapon use is just you on your back with your legs all the way back, your hips up in the air, and then driving in, in that position. It’s the sexiest position for a guy. In my opinion,

Ms Erika:  To be able to be in that position of power, whether I’m standing next to the bed with your legs up, or both of us on the bed as me looking down at you is a both figurative and literal sensation. 

Whether you’re engaging in pegging for a submissive domination scene or just two lovers exploring their sexuality, I want to see your face. I want to see what I do to you. 

Missionary position for strapon sex

Ms Olivia: I love missionary, not the Amazon position, but flat on your back and like a full on missionary.

Missionary position strapon setFor trans girls and certain sissies or cross-dressers, I want to have our breasts touching, being able to kiss her as I penetrate her.  I want to feel her stocking covered legs, wrap around my hips as I slide my strap on into her body. I want to feel her tremble as I slide my hands up underneath her shoulders and just kind of bring her slightly up off the bed.

I am still a woman but I’m also tapping into some very traditionally Alpha male energy. When I’m in lesbian mode, and I am bisexual, I tend to love being in the Alpha male lesbian energy. And so that’s kind of the energy that I gravitate for towards for transgender and femme submissives.

Mistress confession time 

Ms Olivia:  I play with Ms Delia in face to face play.  She is allowed to top me. I’m not her submissive. I’m not a submissive for anybody, but I have to tell you, I love Delia when she uses her strapon on me. But it’s interesting. I don’t want to look in her eyes.Delia Olivia Hot Spot Snippet 800-601-6975

Ms Delia:  Well, you know we play, but we’re not that intimate in terms of sexuality. 

Ms Olivia:  I love you. You’re my BFF. I love you to pieces. We play, we eat each other’s pussies. We’ve done all kinds of things, but it’s not that kind of romantic love.

Ms Delia:  Right? It’s the sensations. It’s sex. It’s the primal urges. And it’s amazing.

Ms Olivia:  Erika, you should let her, do you,

Ms Delia:  Oh Ms Erika, all you have to do is ask!

Asking for anal sex and pegging

Ms Olivia: So this is a question. How do you ask for anal or strap-on play?  Asking for anything sexual can be hard.

Ms Delia:  Well, I honestly would say that you have to ask for anal play from a place of education because anal play can be taboo. 

So call us, play with your ass, and find out what you like solo.  It’s best to get some guidance and learn about your body. You want to learn about your biology and learn about what makes you feel good because then you’re not just saying, I think I want to try anal. 

If you blurt out, I want to try anal your partner will say, “What do you like?” It can get awkward if you are like, “I don’t know. I don’t know. “

But watch some videos, look at some porn together, share something that’s really hot for you. And just ask, what did you think of that? But proceed gently because this is a kink. This is a fetish and it may not be received well by the other person. So ask gently and go with your partners’ kink limit too.

Ms Olivia: That’s the value of a Mistress because you can flat out, come to a Mistress and say, “I want to explore anal.” And the Mistress will be like, what are you interested in? And it’s okay to say to us, I don’t know.Strapon Femdommes

Ms Erika: Right. 

Ms Olivia:  You hear that all the time, Erica, don’t you? 

Ms Erika:  Part of our role is like sex educators. That’s one of the fun parts of what I do is to educate so when you go to your partner and you introduce that anal play you are already prepared. You’ve already done your homework. So if they have questions, you can answer. 

One part of doing your homework is listen to podcasts like this, educate yourself so you can help your partner feel good about what you’re doing as well.

Ms Olivia: Let me just mention, if anybody has some questions. We definitely are available for sessions: via email packages, on the phone, Skype or sexy texting.  For limited questions, feel free to send us an email.

You can also leave us comments and ask questions in the blog and we will answer on the blog. 

What exactly is a strap on training?

Ms Olivia:  What is it or what is a strap-on Mistress?

Ms Delia:  So I’m going to start off by saying that if you’re watching porn and you are watching a hardcore Femdom Mistress throw someone to the ground and just immediately peg them them. That’s not a strap-on Mistress. That’s something you put in your spank bank. 

Value of going to a Mistress for your anal education

Ms Delia:  I think a strap-on Mistress gives you two things. The first is education and the second is guidance.

This can be everything that you want to know about what you’re doing and guidance so you can practice those things that you two have discussed, including the things that you have researched and the things that you have figured out together. 

So I would say the strapon Mistress is a Woman in Charge who can educate a man about his anal play and then guides him through a very sexy session so he can experience that prostate intensity and maybe even a prostate orgasm.

Ms Olivia:  And let me just mention, this is not your old timey school situation. Conversations with a Mistress might be educational but they are never boring.  They also fall into the category of spank bank. 

Ms Delia:  True. Well, hell yeah. 

Ms Olivia:  Erika, you specialize in getting your mind and your body conditioned, right? Anal play still has a lot of taboo.

Ms Erika:  Yes. For whatever reason, I was blessed with the ability early on to go “Oh, is that a taboo? Let me see. I want to experience it. I want to do it.”  I’ve never felt inhibited. So if it interests me, I want to do it. 

That’s what I mean by getting your mind into it. It’s okay. Like we said earlier, it doesn’t mean you’re gay.  Men have this fantastic little button inside their anus. I believe that if you part from this earth without playing with it, you haven’t lived your best life guys.

Dominant Women The Weekly Hot spot podcastUnlike a vagina that is created to be penetrated, you’re going to feel and experience some kinds of things that you’re not experienced before. And you’re going to want to stop. You’re going to be like, “Oh my God, what does that feeling mean? Why am I feeling that pressure?” and “Oh, no I’m going to go potty.” No. 

We can walk you through it and explain what you’re experiencing. Especially with prostate play, a lot of times men will experience what they feel is like, “Oh, they have to go number one now.” No, you don’t have to go number one. That’s very natural. 

Conversations about all those things are preparing you for that play.  That’s what we can help you with. If you want and need to be discrete about anal interests, pegging phone sex is a great way to explore.

Ms Olivia:  Strapon play also is, I think, one of the ways that a sissy, crossdresser, or trans girl can really experience being feminine. She is In the feminine position and as close to a feminine experience as physically possible. Right? 

Ms Erika:  Absolutely. I think that’s spot on so to speak.

Ms Olivia:  Yeah, no pun intended there. ~laughs~ 

In this episode of The Weekly Hot Spot, we haven’t talked a lot about someone who is a sissy, crossdresser or trans.  It’s been just a bit of a nod. 

I want to mention this to the girls. We absolutely love you. And we want to do a whole podcast on this from your perspective. So we are, we’re giving like just a little bit of a nod here and we’re saying, we see you. We know some of this stuff, like the lube and the stretching and all of this kind of beginners strap-on play and beginner’s anal play is important and the same for you. We’ll still do a whole podcast aimed at you.

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You can even read the transcript to this while listening to a song on YouTube by the Wet Spots.

This is my favorite song to introduce someone to anal. And it’s a great way to ask them, “Do you take it in the ass?” 

Ms Erika: That is a great song. 

Ms Delia: It really is. It’s fabulous. 

Ms Olivia: It makes me laugh every time. 

Here are your questions. 

Ms Olivia:  Are you, or were you nervous about anal?

Ms Delia: I always want to know experiences. So my question is what is your experience with anal?

Ms Erika: Do you want a Mistress to peg you? 

Ms Olivia: Oh, we should do the three Mistress Pegging Club audio.  Listening to Ms Erika say, “Do you want Mistress to peg you?” I’m like, okay yesssss please.

Okay. So we’re all going to go off and have a moment. 

That’s it for now. We will see you next time for The Weekly Hot Spot. Do not miss it. We’ll see you then. Bye.