What’s a Mistress to do during a fucking pandemic that fucks with her fucking?  Sigh.  How does a Femdom get her kink and fetish pleasure when there are no face to face play parties?  Answers to those questions, tips and suggestions for staying sexy, safe and sane during COVID on this edition of The Weekly Hot Spot. You don’t want to miss these stories from the pandemic! Click to listen to this kinky podcast or read the transcript below. 

Sex in a pandemic

Welcome back to The Weekly Hot Spot: kink conversation, advice, and insight from the worlds of distance domination and phone sex. 

Ms Olivia:  We are your hosts Mistress Delia and Ms Olivia. Today we have a special guest joining us, our friend, Mistress Erika, and Mistress. 

Our friend Mistress Erica is joining the hotspot team. So yay that you’re here. Here’s a welcome to the show question for you, Ms. Erica: what do you wear to bed to sleep in? Not to fuck, to sleep?

Ms Erica:  That’s a very good qualification because they are two different things. Usually just a pair of panties.

I am in Florida and it’s usually very, very hot down here. So you’ll find me in the least amount of clothes as possible. 

Ms Olivia:  Ms. Delia, what do you wear to bed? 

Ms Delia:  I wear these little satiny kinds of spaghetti strings, just basic nightgowns that you can see anywhere. And, that’s about it. I often do not wear panties.

Ms Olivia:  OMG it’s because you want easy access!

Ms Delia:  I do! I really do —  so between Mistress Erica and I, we could probably split like a full outfit.

Ms Olivia: Ask me what I wear to bed. 

Ms Delia:  ~laughs~  What do you wear to bed? 

Ms Olivia:  I wear a smile. Mistress sleeps naked

Ms Erika:  Oh, fun! 

Ms Olivia:   Both of you had to know that something weird like that was coming didn’t you? 

Ms Delia:  I’ve known you for a long time. Ms. Olivia, I knew that. 

Ms Olivia:  So from fun to funny, to weird, to also sexy. I think that kind of sums up this past year. We’re talking about sex in the time of COVID, how we stay safe and kinky and sexy.

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How did each Mistress fare during the year old covid lockdown?

Mistress covid sex Ms Olivia:  So a pandemic. For me personally, it has been good and bad for me. I took some time off. I went to my cabin, so I was isolated in isolation, which was actually really awesome. It was sort of a forced calm and it’s always good for me to slow down and kind of contemplate where I am, where I want to go, what I want to do. 

The bad part of it, among lots of bad parts, but the bad part here is being away from my various communities. I miss live music, going out, seeing friends, bars, I miss fetish play parties something fierce. It’s hard maintaining community during covid – any community, especially the kink community.

How about the two of you?  Delia?

Ms Delia and her subby hubby

Ms Delia:  Well, I can tell you I’ve been pretty fortunate because everybody knows that my subby hubby Jack is home with me.Domme Mistress Hot Spot Adult Podcast 1-800-601-7259

It took a little bit of adjustment at first from just being me by myself in the house to, within a matter of a couple of weeks saying, “Okay, so we don’t have a door here, we’re going to put a door on this part of the house and that’s your part of the house.”

We’re completely separated during the day, but at night, it’s the shortest commute ever for him. I have gotten my kink when I’ve needed my kink and that has been probably, I would say the pro to it all, but there have been adjustments. 

Ms Olivia:  There have been absolute adjustments. It’s been strange, I think for anyone, I think we can all, all say that, but it’s nice to have a cock or a submissive when you want it.

Erika, how about you?

Mistress Erika has a cock delivered

Ms Erika: I have a regular cock that comes and pleases me and takes care of my cooking and some of my cleaning for me.  He’s 100% safe and very conscientious. So that has made this whole ordeal a lot better for me when you could connect and have some time at home.

Ms Olivia:  Do either of you miss the variety?  I did, I do. And I’m polyamorous. So I have a male sub and a female sub. I’m kind of covering all bases just in case. So I’m very happy there, but what’s the use of being like really sex positive and naughty if you can’t mix it up with some strange?

Ms Erika:  No, that’s a fantastic point, Olivia. And now that you’re talking about it, sort of what we do here has taken the place of variety and excitement and, and going out is that I put that energy into my calls and, and to my pets and their training.

Introducing our favorite sensual Femdom Ms Erika

Ms Olivia:  Let’s talk more about you and really introduce you. Ms Erica, what are your favorite calls since you mentioned calls?

Ms Erika:  My favorite call is one where I really get to know them personally, whatever the subject. I am very, open-minded and very sex positive. I find your kink and your sexual desires interesting and fascinating. I don’t think I ever go, “Ooh, what’s that?”  Because it’s such a fantastic opportunity to grow myself and to grow with you. So when I have that personal connection, those are the best calls.

Ms Delia:  Ms Erika, describe your mistress style. Cause I love to find out about that.

Ms Erika: I’m a very sensual woman at heart and I’m very much a sensual Domme, but that’s not to say I don’t enjoy my stricter side. We all have different sides of ourselves that we bring to different tables, right? So when you go to a party, you bring out your sex kitten side, or if you go to a business meeting, you bring that side. And I love exercising that little sadist that lives inside. So if you need that, if that’s what gets that willie hard, I can do that as well, but I’m more sensual and fun loving. 

I like to have fun with it. Come on. People it’s sex, it’s orgasms. It’s great.

Ms Olivia:  Even when it is orgasm denial … for example, you put them in chastity, it’s still fun, right? Like it’s a different style of fun but it’s still fun. 

It may be maybe it’s more objectively fun for the mistress who puts him in chastity than it is for the chastity pet, but still you get your fun. 

Sex in the time of COVID 

Ms Olivia: I live in New York.  At the very beginning of the pandemic there was a big kerfuffle over tips from the New York state health department. The city got into a lot of trouble basically saying wank away your troubles.  The recommendation that actually got deleted was” have sex with the people closest to you and there’s no one closer to you than yourself. covid pandemic sex tips masturbation

I have no idea why people thought that that was problematic. Maybe if you don’t talk about masturbation then nobody does it.  ~laughs~ Oh, okay. Right. But it just caused this big thing!

Lots of sex advice for covid safety

Ms Delia:  Well, I mean, absolutely.  This to me was super interesting because a lot of the things that I’ve done were mirrored in an article that I found recently about updated COVID-19 sex tips.

Those tips: you’ve got to be clean, you’ve got to do everything that you can sex, talk, porn, everything naughty. I mean, why not? Just because not everybody is talking about it doesn’t mean not everybody is doing it. So you have to play safe and you have to play sane. And that’s what I’ve been doing. 

Ms Olivia:  Being on the phone – phone sex is perfect for pandemic. Lots of callers are new to Femdom phone sex so they’re exploring and trying new things.

Ms Erika, you are the Mistress of the month. What does being the Mistress of the month mean?

Ms Erika:  Well, to me it means that amongst all you beautiful, intelligent, fascinating women, the members over at Enchantrix Empire – our adult social networking site – they agree that I belong there.

And I’m a very confident person, but it’s always good to hear something like this. I feel like, um, who was that actress years ago, you keep seeing a GIF of her going: “You like me? You really like me.” I mean, I think I’m awesome. And it’s just, it’s just fantastic. I go, you know what? That Erika, she kicks ass just like Olivia, just like Delia. 

Ms Olivia: Let me just kind of mention this because if people call you during March, because you’re the Mistress of the month, they get something that they don’t get any other month.

Ms Erika:  Absolutely – if you haven’t talked to me before, or if you haven’t talked to me in over a year, you’re going to get extra five minutes added to your call and no questions. You don’t have to ask. You’re just going to get it.

Ms Olivia:  You know what? That five minutes, Oh my God. You can cover a lot of stuff. 

People are gonna have sex!

Ms Olivia:  So there are lots of ways to get sexy, naughty, but it’s still a change. Right? How are you guys coping with the changes, restrictions, all of this. People are gonna have sex. People are gonna get naughty. People are gonna have fun, but there are changes, restrictions, and new things to do. We talked about it a little bit, but Ms Erika kind of expound on that just a little bit more.

Ms Erika:  Well, I’ve really poured myself into what I do here. I’m the type of person that when something bad happens, I try to look at the positive. So I live out in the boonies. I commune with nature. I de-stress by going for a walk, a hike, you know, just communing with nature. And then I throw everything into my play here. There are lots of options for kinky time during lockdown. So I try to focus on what I can do versus what I can’t do. 

Ms Olivia:  Oh, that’s such good advice. Ms Delia, do you do the same thing? I think you do. That’s my read of you.

Ms Delia:  Well, you know that I play very safe and that I live very safely as well. I’m very fortunate. As I said before that I have Jack here with me and he is just the best play partner. I think he’s probably gotten the best sex of his life this past year. So that’s our positive, but I do want to tell you about something else.

Kinky sex on a zoom call

Ms Delia:  I have, a kink community that I am in touch with. And I don’t know that anybody has done this. I’m assuming many people have tried this.  We tried zoom call play party. There are six of us, six couples, and we put together a virtual play party on zoom.zoom covid sex

The fun of it was you felt like you were talking with other people who had the same frustrations as you, and you got to see everyone’s room, but then when you’re playing, you can’t just look around the room. You have to look at the computer screen. And it flips as people talk who are on zoom. It flips from one screenshot to the next screenshot, to the next screenshot. And it just became really awkward. But we did this probably three times. And by the third time nobody played, we just talked.

Caught having sex on work zoom calls

Ms Olivia: With people staying at home and working from home, there are a bunch of OOPS moments!

They have naked people walking behind them in their zoom calls for work. Countless people have gotten in trouble for masturbating when they didn’t realize that the camera was turned on and that’s just the sexual stuff.

It’s just kind of crazy, but all of these, like the restrictions for working from home, Erika, I think it’s been difficult. Have you noticed that it’s been difficult for a lot of your callers? 

Alone time for masturbation while working at home

Ms Erika:  Oh, absolutely. Schedules have changed. Alone time has changed. You know, even your job, you know, maybe one person is out of a job and the other one has to work from home. It’s been a lot of stress for a lot of people. And it’s really hard. 

We are all here used to working from home and having that discipline saying, okay, this is work time. And this is playtime. But for people who haven’t worked at home, that’s another adjustment they have to make. They have to really discipline themselves to sit down and do the work. 

Ms Olivia:  When I first started doing this and working from home, I had to kind of train people around me to treat it like a job. If I’m going to be logged in, I’m going to be busy. I’m doing promo or, or whatever, because otherwise people would show up and want to go to lunch or yoga or whatever.

Now nobody is showing up to go anywhere during a pandemic, but still like people calling and, and stuff like that. 

Ms Erika:  You’re right. 

Ms Olivia:  It’s a big adjustment and you’re used to it. How have you kind of helped your callers stay sane especially when they have no alone time.

Ms Delia:  I think that’s a great question. And it’s still valid even now, because things are still very much closed down. So we’re still doing this. Now. I have worked from home for quite a while. So I do have that discipline that Mistress Erika had alluded to. 

Creative ways to have sex working from home

Ms Delia: I have actually tried to adjust how I do things in ways that help men who are no longer at home alone, because now everyone’s together in a house. So I have done a lot in terms of paid emails, audio assignments, sexy texting sessions, because now, if you’ve got your laptop up and you’re texting away and you have your headphones in, you can just tell anyone that you’re working and can’t be disturbed. Mistress Delia

Ms Olivia:  He’d better keep his crotch under the desk. Right? Because otherwise it’s like, wow, how is your manufacturing team making you hard? Making widgets must be so profoundly sexy! 

Ms Delia:  Oh no. ~~ laughs ~~

There are men who just get so very creative about things. I mean, one that I spoke to had a Lovense Hush butt plug in and on – I controlled that on the app while he was doing a sexy texting session and I was jolting him. It was fabulous. 

So there are ways (if you want to get creative) it can still be sexy.

Ms Olivia:  I have always said, men do not make excuses about things that they really want. They figure out how to make it work. So for the guy who was like, Oh, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m like, okay, come back when you’ve got that sorted out. And I go and talk to somebody else, because in my experience, they’ll figure it out. They’ll ask me for suggestions. 

Remote sex toys and masturbation 

Ms Olivia:  Using remote sex toys is such a great addition. We did a whole podcast on remote sex toys. And I’ve also seen a lot more people buying the remote sex toys and especially the Lovense toys which are fabulous to use. 

Erica time went up, alone time and availability time, actually went up for some of your callers, right? 

Ms Erika:  Yeah. Because they have that discipline that I have to go in my office. I have to do this work now. Then they sneak in masturbation.  Sometimes I’ll get a call and he’ll say, I can’t talk but I can hear you.  Because we know one another and I know what turns him on and what he’s here for, we can make it work!

Strange places to have sex during a pandemic

Ms Olivia:  Let’s talk locations.  What are some of the strangest places that people call you from?

Ms Erika:  I don’t know if it’s that strange, but bathrooms. I can hear the shower running.

Ms Olivia:  The bathroom echo!

Ms Erika:  Right. 

Ms Erika: The car out in the garage. And they said, I’m in my car. And I’m like, what are you doing in your car? Cause I’m thinking of the cops walking up and you’re whack whack whack. And he’s like oh no, it’s okay. It’s in the garage. Safe, sane and consensual people.

Ms Olivia: Delia, what about you?

Ms Delia:  Oh, like Erica’s guys in the car. Guys out in the backyard doing some yard work at lunch in their sheds. And my favorite, my favorite, I have a few people who actually go into the laundry room and the basement to do the laundry because they want some privacy to wank.

Ms Olivia:  That’s honestly, that’s a win-win situation! I could see me doing that to a submissive. You just, make sure that you separate the whites from the colors it’s great training, separate the wanking from the anal play.

Phone sex and privacy

Ms Olivia:  So all kidding aside, phone sex and privacy is huge. We did an earlier podcast about how to hide your fetish or talk to your partner about kink.

I want to give a shout out and I often suggest this to people. Proton mail.com and the link will be in our blog: The Weekly Hot Spot.

proton mail privacy Proton mail is free as long as you use it a limited amount.  It’s encrypted. It’s untraceable. It’s fabulous. It’s really fabulous. 

One thing that I tell people, if you have a work email account or a work home private or shared partner email account that’s a gmail account, do not attach your naughty email to that gmail account. 

So if you have John Smith at gmail dot com as your work email or your home personal email, do not create John Smith sucks cock at gmail.com.

Ms Erika:  ‘Cause the whole damn family is gonna find out!

Ms Olivia:  Damn right!  Now a lot of my callers are single, so they don’t worry about that. But you know, for anyone who has privacy concerns, proton mail is fabulous. 

What do you guys do? Oh, wait a minute. I also love texting over Skype. And the same thing applies to Skype. Create a Skype account of “fuck me running” and use that for your playtime rather than John Smith at X company business.  Separate the two things. But Skype is fabulous. I love that for texting.

Skype is perfect for private, naughty sexy texting and playtime.

Ms Delia: I agree with you. I would say something similar about Skype too. There are a couple of things that I realized in the pandemic that Skype could actually do. 

If you look on your Skype and you’re speaking with someone and he’s texting, but he wants to hear your voice. There’s a little record button right there. So if you have a microphone, you just press and hold that 10, 20 seconds to ask a question, to make a comment, to give an instruction and boom, it goes right off to him. 

Ms Olivia: Oh wow, that’s awesome !

Ms Delia:  It’s a new update. 

Ms Erika:  It used to be only on the mobile version, but now it’s on the desktop version and I love it.

Ms Delia:  The other thing that you can do, especially for, you know, guys who love that humiliation, also you can do this to anything, a message, a little one of those audio recordings that I said that you could do pictures, videos, you can record your screen. You can do so many things. 

Then at the end of the call, you click on the message and you can delete it. Everything you need to keep it private. Yup, yup. Have that fun and then get rid of it. So Skype has been my saving grace and a lot of guys saving grace during the pandemic.

Ms Olivia:  We are including all of our Skype names:

Olivia:  Olivia.800.356.6169

Erika:  EnchantrixErika

Delia:  EmpressDelia

You will have all of our contact info:  blogs, emails, Skype addresses, Twitter names.  Oh and our bra sizes, you know, length of our inseam, like all of the important info. Oh. And whether or not we swallow. 

Bra sizes:  Olivia – 34DD, Erika – 36C,  Delia fucking huge!

Ms Erika:  Well, just like you mentioned before, Miss Olivia about having a separate email account because I can’t tell you how many times a client has John dot doe for regular email and John dash dough for his kink and it gets mixed up. So don’t do that booboo, right? 

Clear your history after visiting porn sites

Ms Erika:  Very much like your browser, if you are signed into an account like Google or Yahoo, use a new browser or sign out of your regular account, a lot of browsers have incognito mode

And then lastly, find out how to clear your history when you’re done. And then you should be good to go if you use a different browser than you usually use. So if you usually use Google, use Firefox or use Edge for your kink, clear your cache, and clear your cookies at the end.  If you don’t know how, hit me up, I’m an armchair tech. Erika@enchantrixempire.com

Sex and covid – finding the right virtual community

Ms Olivia:  Kink needs community. Humans are social people. Everybody needs to have like minded people around them. 

One of the things that we’ve learned in the pandemic is erotic pleasure doesn’t necessarily have to be face to face. 

We all know that because we’ve been doing distance domination for years, some of the hottest calls and amazing orgasms that I’ve had have taken place on the phone. I am not going to lie. 

How Mistress Olivia got into phone sex

Ms Olivia: I was doing phone sex for free long before I ever got to LDW. I used to get on Literotica and go into the chat rooms.

I’d get all fired up and I’d get somebody’s phone number. He and I would  start talking on the phone and it was horrible because he would cum and then he’d hang up. And I’m like, what the fuck? 

I was bitching about it to a friend of mine and she was like, uh, you know, you can get paid for that. And I’m like paid for what? And she goes phone sex! I said, get the fuck outta here, really?!? 

I was talking dirty on the phone anyway. And I like it. And now if he hangs up, even if I’m aroused and kind of the female equivalent of blue balls, I don’t mind as much because I got paid. 

Ms Delia:  Right!

Ms Olivia:  (When I get paid)  I don’t feel used, it’s been an appropriate exchange … but the calls that are the funnest of them OMG, I’m thinking of, Oh, I’m, I’m going to have a moment here. Erika, Delia talk amongst yourselves.

Ms Erika:  I can see Olivia fanning herself. Now I know what she’s doing.

Ms Delia:  Oh yeah. I don’t want to get in the way of that. 

Does Mistress have an orgasm during our phone sex call?

Ms Delia:  You and I, with a certain collared one have had implosions and orgasms and more and more and more even just recently this past weekend. And how amazing is that? 

But I will say that you’re right about human contact. There is something hot about giving an energy spanking and, and feeling, you know, from across the ether, really those sensations and my body gets into it by doing it in person. It’s a different realm, but I do miss it just because I like to go to these parties once a month and it’s been over a year. So I am missing that human connection.

Mistress play party in August 

Ms Olivia:  It hasn’t been a year for me because we had a naked pool party and it was primarily outside, but it wasn’t fetishy because, you’re outside, it’s sunshiny. The pool is there. It smells of chlorine. I mean, it was fun and it was sexy, but it was more like a nudist colony. 

But then in the evening we did Florentine flogging with the tips of the floggers on fire. So that was amazing, but I didn’t wear heels, I wasn’t wearing leather. I mean, but still it was pretty awesome.

Erika, what do you miss the most?

Communicate with a Mistress Weekly Hot Spot podcastMs Erika:  Well, I think like many of the people who call us, we were missing that connection. It’s possible to make kink covid friendly.

And when you said earlier that kink needs community, I just couldn’t help but think about all those people that are already kind of feeling alone in their desires and then the COVID came and then they feel even more alone. And it’s, it’s that one-on-one connection, whether it’s holding somebody’s hand or whatever it is, it is that.

And I found that through some of the things we’ve talked about today, we have still been able to be there for some of our clients so they’re not as alone. Having somebody that understands and is accepting of your desires, if you can’t get it elsewhere, is a perfect place for us to help them.

Ms Olivia:  Say more about that, because this is something that actually hasn’t changed in the pandemic. Gosh, I’m thinking of cross-dressers and sissies, transgendered girls or bisexual men or homosexual men who are married. I mean, there are all kinds of sex secrets that people, for whatever reason don’t want to tell their partner or their family. And sometimes they don’t even want to tell themselves.

Ms Erika:  I just had a call like that earlier today. It was a tickling call and we had a really great conversation after the session, after we went through his fantasy. And he just was very emotional. Like a lot of guys are after the session, that he wanted to thank me because at times he feels so alone and almost ashamed. 

Don’t be alone and ashamed of your sexual desires

Ms Erika:  And if you think about it –  tickling, is it really, you know, on a spectrum of kink, you wouldn’t think, Oh my God clutch the pearls but, it’s his experience that he has not felt comfortable enough to tell people or the people that he has told kind of rejected him or went, Oh my God, that’s just too weird for me.

We have that experience together. And for him to feel good about his desire is like icing on the cake to what I do. And it’s the most fantastic thing. 

I think what we do is to be there for people like that and help lift them up.  I’m very prone to say, let’s celebrate our differences instead of demonizing them. 

Ms Olivia:  I’ve felt that same thing. I was in my twenties and I was curious about anal. I was talking to a boyfriend and he was like, Oh, tell me your fantasies. And I don’t know what he was expecting, but I looked at him and I said, I don’t know. And he goes, no, no. Tell me your fantasies. Okay. It sounds like he was French. He wasn’t French. I don’t know why I’m doing his voice in this weird, bad French accent.  I’m putting him in another country because he was such a dick and not in a good way. He is across the pond from me, buddy. 

Okay. So I’m, I’m like, well, you know, I’ve always been curious about anal and I can still see the expression on his face. It was like disgust and judgment. And he was like, Ooh, that’s nasty. 

And you know what?  Let me tell you that shut me down. No pun intended, Shut me down literally and figuratively for a good 10 years. 

And so people see us as Mistresses now, sex positive now, owning our sexuality, sensuality, what we want, but it really helps them to hear us say, listen, this Olivia now was not Olivia at 20. 

Ms Erika:  Right. Right. It’s a journey for us too.

Ms Delia:  Absolutely.

Ms Olivia:  Delia, I think of the three of us, you probably got into kink the earliest because you did it in college. 

Ms Delia learns kink in college

Ms Delia:  I learned through these women who owned a female owned dungeon, that was like five blocks from the apartment that I was living in when I was in college. And my, my roommate actually brought me there and introduced me all around. So I learned about spanking and and teasing and strap-on play, um, wax play and like, I mean everything, right. Everything that’s on a fetish menu over those four years, I learned all about it. 

Ms Olivia:  Oh, I’m so jealous.  All I learned how to do in college was lick pussy, flunk chemistry and play backgammon.  I’m really good at backgammon.

Ms Erika sexual confidence

Ms Erika:  Since my late teens I’ve had a confidence and a fuck you attitude, and that really propelled me into life.  So if that boyfriend said, what are you into? You’re into anal sex. And he goes, Oh, you’re gross. I said, yeah, you’re a dick, get the fuck out.

I’ve always had that, you know, “I’m most important now” attitude when I was younger, not so much, but you know, I’m in charge here, but I’m a very central person I do in a very nice way. But you know, I didn’t put up with guff. I’ve, of course, I’ve been rejected in other areas just if it came to sexual matters, I was just like, okay, so you don’t like it. Move on. 

I’ve always been very open-minded with sex and my experience through finding different play partners and people to, um, experience kink with and allowing me to exercise my dominant natural nature of liking to lead. And Hey, what does this do? I’m like that with everything electronics and everything. Hey, let’s push this button. What does that happen? Oh yeah. Yeah, let’s do that again. Push that button again. 

Ms Olivia:  They love it when you push their buttons!  

Ms Erika:  Right! So that is my experience. And I’ve always had a lot of fun exploring and it’s, it’s just until the last, what, four years now that I’m sorta like you, I could get paid for this? Okay!

For the femme girls: crossdresser, sissy and trans

Ms Olivia:  We’re talking kink and fetish. I don’t consider this next topic fetish.  Yes some crossdressing is kink and fetish oriented, especially sissy play and sissy humiliation play. It definitely falls into the fetish and the kink world for me, but a lot of crossdressing and transgender stuff I don’t consider fetish at all. It’s not.Crossdresser Sissy PhoneSex

Some of my crossdressing and transgender friends do not feel comfortable at kink parties because that’s not their vibe. We had a fantastic interview with a trans girl named Yvonne who talked about acceptance as a crossdresser.

One of the things that has,I think, been especially hard in a pandemic is how to keep in touch with her feminine side. It’s difficult for a man who wants to wear women’s clothes. What does he do if his wife is at home all the time?

Ms Delia:  I know something that will help!  So some of the things that I tell men to do is swap out your lotion. Tell your wife who is now home with you all the time, “See how dry my skin is?  Do you have a moisturizer I could use?  Can we get a moisturizer the next time we go to the grocery store?”

Little by little swap out the things that are the most masculine so that first touch your skin to something feminine. So that the first things that touch your skin are pretty, have a light feel soft and silky. 

And then when you can’t wear panties  — buy, I think some men wear these for things like tennis and other sports — they are bikini briefs for men; they don’t have a fly. So they’re as close as you can get to panties. I think Calvin Klein makes them, but they’re guys’ underwear. So every little way that you can sneak in those items that help you to honor the girl inside yourself, go for it.

Ms Olivia: If you have time, paint your toenails bright red.  Add bubble bath in the tub, get into the tub and put your red toenails outside of the bubbles.

Look at those pretty red toenails and your entire body covered in bubbles. And just think of yourself as a little miss Bubblicious. That’s also completely private.

Ms Erika, what do you do?

Mind and body feminization

Ms Erika:  People feel feminine, you know, the red toenail polish, there’s something soft against them and that gets you in the feminine mindset. So let’s talk about that mindset, women move and behave differently than men. This is a perfect time to train your inner girl. I want you to feel feminine every day.

Get that walk down, get that sitting and crossing your legs or the way you I’m sitting here talking to you. My hands are like ballerinas. You know? So those are things that you can do sitting, standing, and crossing your legs.  Also, making sure you walk with nice posture.

Oh and feminine mantras, trying to keep yourself in that feminine space as much as possible to try to ward off the stresses of COVID and isolation and all that is a great way to, so I would encourage both mind and body feminine activities.

Ms Olivia:  Oh, these are fabulous ideas.

So folks, if you’ve heard just some of the ways that you can keep in touch, you can create a community with the mistress, all of us do training. I think Ms. Delia and Ms. Erica do more training packages than I do, but we all do it.

We answer our email. 




So Erica, talk a little bit about how you have enjoyed doing some more creative ways to reach out to connect, make sure you stay in contact with your people and they with you.

Ms Erika:  Well, as you mentioned before, Skype is a fantastic tool. Also Twitter DM. We can stay in touch. 

Some of the fun things that I’m doing more this year with COVID than I’ve done in other years are assignment packages and erotic audios. Those are things that you can pull out and play with whenever it’s convenient. 

We have the phone sex assignment store and I’m actually looking to expand there.

So if anybody out there listening is thinking about something, a phone sex assignment that you’re into, whatever kink that is, drop me a line. I’d love to hear some of your ideas. I love to get inspired by you all out there.

Ms Delia:  I have done a lot of custom audios that can easily be purchased on Erotic Audios  

That has been something really fun. And we do have an entire phone sex erotic audio store. One of the most fun audios that I think I made up, you were actually in it, Miss Erika, it was the group faggot humiliation.

Ms Erika:  It’s amazing

Ms Delia:  I think it was what, there were 10 of us just basically yelling at you to tell you what a faggot loser you were over about 10 minutes. It was the best audio. And it’s a big seller too. So if you like a little erotic humiliation, definitely check that out. 

The other example of one that I did was a teamed up with Mistress Ruby, just this hot little sexy English Minx. And we did a 30 day chastity program that you can do any month. It has an entire set of, uh, audios and an entire PDF set little flashcards for day by day, audio and assignment that you can do. 

So those are the kinds of creative things that I have been able to do, keeping in touch when you need a voice and you need some guidance. If you cannot be on the phone, that’s what you can do. You can do those things and just email any one of us because we can create a custom type of assignment package just for you.

Ms Olivia:  Absolutely. And just for you, we have an assignment right now, subscribe to the podcast like it, leave a review on iTunes. 

 You can leave us comments here. We promise we will get them. We will answer them. You can also tweet any of us. Be sure to retweet when we post the link to various Hot Spot episodes.

Of the 3 of us, Ms Erika is the absolute best on Twitter. And she’s got the best boob pictures.  Come for the boobs, no pun intended, and stay for the conversation.Femdom Mistress 1-800-601-7259

Ms Erika:  The first rule of cock control is to get their attention. 

Ms Olivia:  Oh, you do. 




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We’re so glad that you’re joining us on The Weekly Hot Spot. This was a fabulous idea, Delia –  thank you both.

Ms Erika: Yay. Thanks so much.

Ms Olivia:  You will be hearing more from Ms Erika because she will be joining us as a regular co host. 

Now we know that you are already done with the first assignment, which is to subscribe to the podcast like it and leave a review. That’s a given. 

Questions for you about sex and covid

The second assignment is some questions that we want you to answer for us. Leave a comment here on the blog!

How are you staying safe and sane during COVID?

Erica? Delia? What questions do you want answered?

Ms Delia:  I want to know anything that we didn’t mention in this podcast. Something that we missed. So that’s a challenge to everyone. What did we miss that’s keeping you sexually satisfied?

Ms Erika:  You masturbating more or less during COVID or are you having more sex with a partner than you have before? What’s your sex life?

Ms Olivia:  What accommodations have you made so that you can stay sexy and stay safe? Because even during the most wicked humiliation, pain play, all of those kinds of things, we want you sexy and safe. We don’t break our toys. 

That’s it for now.  We will see you next time for The Weekly Hot Spot and now back it on up baby you don’t want to miss this one.  We’ll be talking about strapon play – we will see you then. Bye!