Phone sex is therapy or should be. In this erotic femdom podcast snippet both Delia and Olivia share their feelings about having to explain what they do in vanilla terms, and also agree that phonesex should be counted as therapy. What do you think after listening?

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Delia Olivia Hot Spot Snippet 800 601 6975Delia:  We love your participation in our podcasts. We will be bringing you a series of shorts but sexy, naughty, fun and sometimes dirty questions. We want you to give us feedback. We want you to leave us blog comments because we value and want your interactions.

Olivia:  Oh God, absolutely. This is a great question. What are some fun ways to answer everyday questions like how’s it going or what do you do? What do you say?

Delia:  I say fuck a lot. How’s it going? Fuck yeah. What’s up with you? Fuck, fuck is like my very favorite word.

Olivia:  Okay, so seriously, you are well here in a runner’s group. Someone in your brother’s group and a non-fetish area says what to you do Delia? What do you say?

Delia:  So I bend the truth just a little bit. I make what I do sound a little more vanilla than it is. I let people know that I do coaching online and I work with people to help them meet their goals. They’d have issues and I help them to find a resolution to it. That’s perfect. That’s actually similar to what I say. Um, although sometimes I will, you know, include counseling, uh, therapy. Um, sometimes I say I’m a business consultant.

Ooh, what’s that noise?

Delia: That’s the trash. Beep Beep.

Olivia:  Oh, beep. So when somebody asks you in a non-fetish arena or what do you do, what do you say?

Delia: I let them know and I have used being a life coach doing online therapy, all kinds of things like that, that helped them to see that what I do is just, you know, kind of normal and acceptable. I don’t know. For some reason, I think that’s very, very important to me. And I can’t say, you know, Oh, it’s phone sex because that’s not valued very well, but it should be!

Olivia: It should be, you know, I truly think that phonesex should be covered under insurance. So agree. I do agree. Now how would we go without doing that? Maybe, um, you know, there’s gotta be some insurance salesmen out there.

Delia:  There are! I have spoken to insurance people before. I’m sure you have too.  So what do you think? Are we right? Should your phone sex sessions be covered by insurance? Just like any therapy session? We certainly think they should. So leave us some comments about that on our blog though. Weekly and now a message from Ms. Olivia.

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