I bet you love to watch porn. A porn satire is often funny and sexy. In this adult podcast snippet, Delia and Olivia talk about their favorite porn satires and share a few laughs.

Olivia:  Welcome to the weekly hotspot. Kink conversation BDSM advice, insight from the Worlds of Distance Domination and phone sex. We are your hosts, Mistress Delia and I’m Miss Olivia.

Delia:  We will be bringing you a series of short but sexy, naughty, fun and sometimes dirty questions. We want you to give us feedback. We want you to leave us blog comments because we value and want your interactions.

Olivia: Oh my God. Yes. Okay. So, um, let’s talk about porn satires I love the porn satires okay, so here’s my favorite one for the Christmas season. Tits a Wonderful Life. George Bailey, eat your heart out.

Domme Mistress Hot Spot Adult Podcast 1-800-601-7259Delia: How about American booty?

Olivia:  Oh, it’s a riff off of American Beauty. I love that. Oh. Oh. Oh for everyone into ass play, ASS VENTURA- Crack Detective. Did someone call for back up baby. Back it up. Back it up. Back it up. Back it up. Back. Yeah. I’m getting like really Weird here.

Delia:  It’s Okay. Weird is good. I like you. I celebrate your weird!

Olivia: I celebrate your hot fucking sexy mistress vibe.

Delia: I know. I got it all.

Olivia: Another porn satire movie that I absolutely adore. Forest Hump: My Pants are like a Box of Chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get!

Delia: No! I probably do know he might in my pants.

Olivia: Well, in my pants, you might get pussy. You might get a strap on. It’s true.

Delia: Fuck Forrest. Fuck. Do you think I haven’t seen that one? Do you think they do it? Fuck fuck yeah, I could see that.

Olivia: I love that. All right, so let me ask you, did you ever get hooked on game of Thrones? I didn’t. I’ve never saw any of them. I never saw that. End of game of Thrones.

Delia: Um, I binge watched several seasons and then I didn’t watch the last season. I guess I have to finish it.

Olivia: So you’ll appreciate this one. A porn satire game of bones. Winter is cumming!

Delia: Oh, I need to like look at that when I have to see the costuming for that. That would be interesting. If they had all the, the furs and the scenery was winter, that would be Epic. I think that it’d be a little bit cold. You know?

Find Dominant Woman The Weekly Hot Spot adult podcast 1-800-601-7259Olivia:  Listen, this is a personal pet peeve of mine. All of the media depictions of outside sex. I had sex on a beach and let me tell you those little fine grain grains of sand are no fun.

Delia: No, I hate sand. Sand gets in everywhere and two weeks later you’re still showering and out of you. I mean, I liked outside sex when I was younger, but I think that was just more like car kind of stuff or being at the drive in movie when they still existed and and then just just fucking in the back of an SUV or a van or something hot. God, those are the days weren’t they?

Olivia:   Okay. So do you have any suggestions for porn satire movies? I have one mission impossible GLA a descent into nail chesty. Ooh, male chastity, isn’t it? I think that that would, I mean you could also have like a, I don’t know, kind of a a cock holding kind of theme that goes along with that. Oh Ooh. Mission impossible because you’ve got a teeny wait. I don’t know. It might crack up Ryan Reynolds. You never know. That’s true. Actually. It might.

Delia: Oh, and just like that quick and dirty, we are done. Oh. Except for a request from Ms. Olivia.

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Bye everybody.

Olivia: Bye.