A BDSM playlist can set the mood for any scene. Both Delia and Olivia like “thumpy” beats that match the speed of flogging, spanking, even fucking. Lyrics that express your feelings during a scene can be powerful during play. What are your go-to BDSM songs or playlists?

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Delia Olivia Hot Spot Snippet 800 601 6975Olivia: Oh my God. Yes. All right. Let’s see. What would the world be like if it was filled with female copies of you?

Delia: I think the world would be terrifying if there were female copies of me. There’s only one me and I am damn unique and if there were more of me, Oh, I don’t know. There would be cat fights going on every single day. That’s wrong. That’s absolutely wrong. I would not like that.

Olivia: No. Okay. If the world were filled with copies of me, I think we would know the true meaning of make love, not war and then the song baby back it up. Right. I think that would be like the theme song.

Delia: You would have a theme. I like having a theme. I do that sometimes when I go out and run, I have a playlist and I kind of have music that just plays throughout my life throughout my day.

Olivia: Do you have a sex playlist for your BDSM scene?

Delia: Oh, I totally do. Yeah, it doesn’t everyone. Yes, I do too. So what does music help you do as a mistress? How does it help you pace the scene? So I have a lot of just music that blends into a lot of remixes. I have a, it’s a Sarah McLaughlin kind of remix. It’s this kind of trippy, heady, good base kind of music and

Olivia: Oh, I could never do Sarah McLachlan. I would think of the poor dogs now, her pet rescue commercial. Although if you were doing puppy play, that might be perfect.

Delia:  Yeah, puppy play would be fun. I think the name of the album is called bloom. I’ll send you the link. It’s really good though and it just, the thumpy sound kind of gets me into that space. I love to do flogging and spanking and just sensation play. I find that when I start to get into a scene, you know how you get that flow. I really can get in there with the music. It’s, it’s almost like in my head, I’m choreographing the scene as I go along. It’s really cool. It’s neat space.

Olivia: One of my favorite songs to get into the mood for mistress sex mistress topping. Dom sex is Closer by Nine Inch Nails. As you said, it’s got that perfect beat, like a really heavy beat, which is ideal for BDSM play and then the words. You let me violate you. You let me desecrate you. You let me penetrate you. You’ve let me complicate you. Ooh, yes.

Delia: Fuck yes you do! And just like that we are done. What is your favorite BDSM podcast? We want to know about first a message from ms Olivia.

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