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Episode 94 The Chastity Show

Come to the Hot Spot

This week on The Hot Spot no one got to stroke! Our chastity show kept everyone’s hands occupied and away from those horny cocks! Ms. Marilyn’s prostate massager  sex toy idea was perfect for chastity milking and masturbation. . . . → Read More: Episode 94 The Chastity Show

Episode 90 – Masturbation Tips

Guess what? 

If you were not at the show, there is no podcast for this one!! Ms. Marilyn and Ms. Delia gave some hot and sexy tips live. 

But, you can check out all of the other podcasts at our ITunes Channel!!

And hey, if you missed the show, make sure you are there . . . → Read More: Episode 90 – Masturbation Tips