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Spanking and Impact Play

Spanking. Flogging. Whipping. Canes. Straps. Paddles. Belts. Smack. Crack. Whoosh. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? As you know anything can happen on The Weekly Hot Spot, and this week’s show promises to be extra fun mixing pleasure and pain with impact play! Get ready to get hot!

Fun With Spanking

If there’s one thing we know…its that so many love to mix pleasure with pain! Many of you love to make it hurt so good. That’s why this week’s show is devoted to….you guessed it….spanking and impact play and the toys that bring you the sting you love. So get ready for trivia, jokes, health tips and an extra special contest!

Spanking on the Hot Spot

In this week’s super sexy show you’ll learn all about our favorite ways to spank (who knew we love spanking, lol?), the toys that make a spanking scene extra hot, safety tips, and maybe, just maybe if you beg enough, a live demonstration.

A Special Hot Spot Contest

This week you all have another chance to win a free 15 minute call or sexy text session with Ms. Layla and Ms. Delia together. Here’s how it works, visit our poll on the Enchatrix Empire, vote and leave a short answer there. Visit the blog here and leave at least a 50 word comment on the poll’s subject. We will pick out the most creative answer as our winner. Now here’s what makes it special, if you’ve never been to the show before and you do all of the above we’ll increase the call to 30 minutes. That’s right, all you newbies have a chance at a 30 minute call with 2 of the hottest mistresses around! This week we will talk about last week’s 30 minute call winner. Super HOT!

Speaking of Spanking…

Ms. Delia is a big fan of spanking, and this week took some pictures of impact toys she discussed on her cock radio show, The Enchantrix Eavesdropper. You are cordially invited to take a look. In fact, Ms. Delia has created an album over at Enchantrix Empire for your viewing pleasure. Keep the comments flowing, and there are sure to be more added!

We look forward to seeing you at Friday night’s show! Remember our new email is: and follow us on Twitter: @WeeklyHotspot.

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4 comments to Spanking and Impact Play

  • bradley boy

    have great desire to be spnked and on webcam, but not tried it – to explore and expand boundaries/kimits and experiment with implements, to be at the total control of empress, humiliated and punished – for whatever reason, that all really gets me and I’d love to explore that with a mistress.

    • Layla

      Bradley you said it perfectly, its about expanding and exploring your boundaries and areas of comfort. If you can’t push them you’ll never discover new and exciting ways to please yourself and your partner!

  • spankingfan

    Mistress Delia and Mistress Layla I want to thank you for doing a show about spanking. Here are my 50 words.

    I am new to spanking but love the feelings. Those first warm up hits get me feeling all submissive and embarassed but I love it so much. Next things get harder and more into a rhythm and I feel like I start to lose control not in a bad way but in a way that makes me feel like I am deeply into my head. I feel my ass get hot. The hand changes then from hot to cool. I can think of nothing better than a good hand spanking!

    • spankingfan,

      What a great comment! I agree that a hand spanking can bring up so many feelings and emotions. The loss of control you mention sounds like sub space to me. I wonder if you have heard of it. Being new to spanking, you should certainly come to the show Friday night at 9pm eastern! You’ll learn a lot.

      Ms. Delia

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