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I Want More Details

We are happy to report that our adult podcast show is a HIT! Going off like a rocket we are gaining more and more dedicated listeners each and every week. So, the lovely Ms Delia and myself worked hard to find new ways to keep you guys as full of the Hot and Sexy fun as possible. Some of the following were our ideas, some came straight from listener suggestions. So if you just *need* more ….

The Weekly Hot Spot Group at Enchantrix Empire

For those of you not biten by the kinky social network bug yet, is a FREE and fun place to chill out and let your kink out. Think of it as our sexy facebook of sorts. Once you sign up, join The Weekly Hot Spot group. There you will find comments from fellow listeners as well as discussions on what to expect next from The Weekly Hot Spot.

Show up LIVE for Chat

If you have been downloading our podcast (and many of you are!) you have heard us talk about the LIVE chat. Unfortunately we can’t keep our chatters all tied up and waiting for you… if you want to play with them you have to show up LIVE.  Need another reason to be there “when the magic happens”… (besides the occasional hilarious outburst from me that gets edited out) Consider the Trivia we do each week. Trivia and participating in chat are the only ways to win our Monthly Free Call drawing. And believe me, after a month’s worth of our podcast – you will be dripping for a two Mistress call with Delia and I 🙂  So how do you show up?  Go to and create a free account. Since this is an adult podcast, signing up is mandatory for submission. Then simply log in, and look up The Weekly Hot Spot on Friday nights at 9pm EST. Come in, hang out and chill…. we will keep you warm!

Wednesday Whisper

This is a little midweek pick up from Delia and me. We will cross post on each other’s blog and share the upcoming festitivies. This midweek blog post will also include a “Hot Call of the Week” which for those veterans of the show know is a segment we had to cut out due to time restraints. It will be posted each Wednesday to Delia’s and my blogs 😉 It will also be mentioned and recapped in the Enchantrix Empire group

Download or Listen to a recording

If you can’t make the LIVE broadcast, there are many other options. The Weekly Hot Spot is listed in many podcast directories. Simply download it from the podcast directory of your choice (or from and listen to it at the gym, on the way to work or wherever. Each episode runs between 45-65 minutes. Most right at 60 🙂 You can also listen to the recording each weekday from 6-7pm at, the adult radio station run by Provocatalk and LDW

Still not sure? Here’s a little blurb about what to expect during our show:

“Ms Holly and Ms Delia are hilarious. Always cracking up and having a great time. They both are intelligent, sexy ladies. Each week they go over adult toy reviews, dirty jokes, fantastic stories and a couple health tips. They also open the floor to one LDW Mistress at the end. The hour is packed with fun and is geared toward both heads! A simply fantastic way to start the weekend!”

Here are a few reviews of the show so far:

“I simply love this show. Although I am not always able to listen live it is a treat to listen to past shows. Tonight I listened to Episode 3 on cuckolds. My clitty is fully enthralled. Delia and Holly are very entertaining and a great team. Can’t wait for the next chance to listen.”



“I really enjoyed the show. I lost my connection a few times and missed the last of the show but fortunately I subscribe to the podcast on iTunes so I’ll be able to download it as soon as it’s available. I’ve listened to many past episodes and this show is a LOT of fun! Keep up the good work.”

-Gummy Bear


“Great to be able to be there live in the chatroom with two gorgeous ladies. Ms Delia and Ms Holly work so well together. Cheers”



“I absolutely loved the show! It was my first time to talkshoe and I had browser problems, but when I switched to Internet Explorer everything worked brilliantly. Thanks for allowing me to share in your show. I’ll be a regular!”
– Chastized
“You both are very hot ( you know i feel that way about you) I love the show, hope it’s around a long time”
– Saint