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Episode 94 The Chastity Show

Come to the Hot Spot

Come to the Hot Spot

This week on The Hot Spot no one got to stroke! Our chastity show kept everyone’s hands occupied and away from those horny cocks! Ms. Marilyn’s prostate massager  sex toy idea was perfect for chastity milking and masturbation. Ms. Delia and Ms. Marilyn bantered back and forth about how much they both love being cock teases, and adore chastity by will, and even discussed their favorite devices.

Are you Curious About Chastity or Tease and Denial?

Have you ever thought of trying chastity even for a day? Do you love the idea of a sexy Mistress controlling your orgasms, and giving you permission to cum? This is a show to be enjoyed. Remember to tune in to cock radio every Sunday at 8pm for new shows guaranteed to have hot and sexy topics!

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