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Episode 94 The Chastity Show

Come to the Hot Spot

This week on The Hot Spot no one got to stroke! Our chastity show kept everyone’s hands occupied and away from those horny cocks! Ms. Marilyn’s prostate massager  sex toy idea was perfect for chastity milking and masturbation. . . . → Read More: Episode 94 The Chastity Show

Episode 74 Anal Play


We LOVE Anal Toys! Fuck Yes!!


This was certainly one HOT and SEXY show!

We all had fun with this FIRST EVER pre-recorded show, allowing Ms. Marilyn and Ms. Delia to be super active over in chat at

If you love anal . . . → Read More: Episode 74 Anal Play

The Weekly Hot Spot Episode 20

Can you believe it? 20th Episode! What a ton of crazy fun we have had these last months!

Well, the 20th episode will not disappoint! We had the lovely Ms Catherine on from And of course we did our new quickies and trivia. The trivia for this episode is a bit harder than . . . → Read More: The Weekly Hot Spot Episode 20

The Weekly Hot Spot Second Show

The Weekly Hot Spot Second Show

Mistress Holly loves it when you Cum to the Hot Spot!

The Weekly Hot Spot’s second show happened on Friday, April 16, 2010 at pm EST. It was a wonderful show! Mistress Holly and Mistress Delia . . . → Read More: The Weekly Hot Spot Second Show

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Hello world!

What is The Weekly Hot Spot?

You know we Mistresses have special hot spots! This is a bit different. “The Weekly Hot Spot” is a show that Mistress Delia and Mistress Holly will be hosting every Friday night at pm EST. The show will . . . → Read More: Welcome to The Weekly Hot Spot