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What is it? You know we Mistresses have special hot spots! This is a bit different. “The Weekly Hot Spot” is a show that Mistress Delia and Mistress Holly will be hosting every Friday night at pm EST. The show will be hosted at, and brought to you by Topics will range from wild to mild.

We want to give our loyal listeners something wonderful to look forward to every week. So, we will be doing special things each week, but also predictable things too! Best of all, you will get to interact with us free! Talk shoe has a toll free number so you can call in free and interact with the Mistresses.  If you’d rather text, that is an option as well.  Talkshoe offers a web chat that will be on during our show.  We will see what you type and can comment on it. If you prefer just to pop in your headphones and listen, that is an option too! We want you to look forward to relaxing and enjoying our weekly show! Oh, and if you do miss it, you can download it to listen to at your convenience!

Now, about that interaction.  Because this is our Hot Spot, we will be very interested in hearing what has made you hot this week! Submit things you would like to hear about to either of our emails. For Mistress Delia, send to, and for Mistress Holly, send to We will be sure to get to your requests in our “Submissive Submissions” segment of our shows! You can look forward to that and much more each week. Love Mistress Holly’s laugh? It is contagious, I know! How would you like to hear her “Dirty Joke of the Week”? We will have so much packed into our hour long show, it will fly by.

As always, we will be available to satisfy any cravings after the show! Mark your calendars.  Our shows are Friday nights at 9pm at Talkshoe ( Feeds