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Episode 92 Mistress Masturbation

Come to the Hot Spot

Mistress Masturbation! Oh my! The Weekly Hot Spot ended Masturbation May with a focus on the female orgasm! Ms. Delia and Ms. Marilyn described their thoughts about masturbation and the amazing female orgasm. 

Sex toys this week also focused . . . → Read More: Episode 92 Mistress Masturbation

Episode 91 Interactive Masturbation

On the Hot Spot this week, oh my did it get intense! Our show was all about guided masturbation during the

Come to the Hot Spot

show. Ms. Marilyn and Ms. Delia gave masturbation instructions and a very special stroking time. All in communitykink chat . . . → Read More: Episode 91 Interactive Masturbation

Episode 90 – Masturbation Tips

Guess what? 

If you were not at the show, there is no podcast for this one!! Ms. Marilyn and Ms. Delia gave some hot and sexy tips live. 

But, you can check out all of the other podcasts at our ITunes Channel!!

And hey, if you missed the show, make sure you are there . . . → Read More: Episode 90 – Masturbation Tips

Episode 89- Masturbation May

This week, in The Weekly Hot Spot Episode 89, Ms Delia and Ms Marilyn chatted all about masturbation for a very special, month long event . . . Masturbation May! That’s right- an entire month dedicated to our favorite strokers, their masturbation habits, and exactly what . . . → Read More: Episode 89- Masturbation May

Episode 88- Uncommon Kinks

This week, in The Weekly Hot Spot Episode 88, Ms Delia and Ms Marilyn chatted about some of our favorite fetishes- fetishes that we don’t get to explore every day. You know we adore our sissies and strap on sluts, our submissives and our strokers- but . . . → Read More: Episode 88- Uncommon Kinks