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Episode 77- The Sissy Show

We <3 Sissy Panties!

This week in The Weekly Hotspot 77, Ms. Delia and Ms. Marilyn dolled it up for a girl’s night in with our favorite Sissies! It was heels, lipstick, and panties galore as we indulged in some sexy, Feminization Fun 😉

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Episode 76- Holiday Fun

Are your Balls BLUE this Holiday Season?

This week in The Weekly Hotspot episode 76, Ms Delia and Ms Marilyn had some sexy holiday fun chatting about our explorations in a winter wonderland, and clued you in to our holiday itineraries!

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Episode 75 – Stroking Tips

Hear your Sexy Mistresses Get Naughty

This episode of The Weekly Hot spot highlighted 6 very fun stroking tips and tricks that Ms. Delia and Ms. Marilyn LOVE!

Slowing down, using lube, edging, and a special vibrator were only some of the fun from . . . → Read More: Episode 75 – Stroking Tips

Episode 74 Anal Play


We LOVE Anal Toys! Fuck Yes!!


This was certainly one HOT and SEXY show!

We all had fun with this FIRST EVER pre-recorded show, allowing Ms. Marilyn and Ms. Delia to be super active over in chat at

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Episode 73 Porn

In this sexy episode, Ms Layla announced her second to last show, and a NEW co-host, Ms. Marilyn joined the team.

Jokes and trivia were a hit, but the biggest news of the show was that Ms. Marilyn is NOT quite a fan of porn. Shocked? . . . → Read More: Episode 73 Porn