On this week’s episode of The Weekly Hot Spot both Delia and Olivia talked about a favorite topic, chastity! The Mistresses discussed cock locking, cages, and more!

Distance Keyholding

Do you think that virtual or distance keyholding could not work? Delia and Olivia walk you through the process of how it can easily happen. When you call in for a chastity session, you will hear how you will be guided through the process. Chastity is a big step, but the Mistresses are here to make sure you succeed!

Chastity While Traveling

Sometimes you have to go away. The Mistresses know that, and can help you thrrough the process. Do you know about doing chastity by will? Purchase some lidocaine cream, and you will find out that chastity can work without the cage. There is also something called “chastity by will” and it can be harder to do than you think. Can you get through it? Likely with a Mistress yes!

Chastity Tips and Tricks

With years of experience, both Delia and Olivia havĀ a ton of tips and tricks that that can use with you to help you through your chastity journey. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced chastity pet, this podcast will help you feel even more comfortable in your device.

Have Questions?

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This week, stay sexy and HOT!