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Celebrating the 100th Episode

Layla_012Welcome back, Hot Spot Fans! Last week was a very special and incredibly sexy show- The Weekly Hot Spot celebrated its 100th Episode, and we also welcomed the sensual and sultry Ms. Layla back to the show 😉 Ms. Delia had asked some of our Enchantrix Empire playmates and kinksters about what they’d love to hear featured on the 100th Episode, so we blended their feedback with some of our favorite kinks to chat about the Top 10 hottest fetishes we’ve discussed on previous shows- and the naughty and fond memories we have from exploring those kinks 😉

The evening kicked off with Ms. Delia’s story about a homemade fucking machine and Ms. Marilyn’s memories of her first strap on play experience. Ms. Layla chatted about her adoration of spanking and impact play- particularly the lovely shades that her expertise can turn your ass cheeks during a sensual spanking scene. Later on, we talked about feminization and panties galore- and reminisced about an amazing interview with Mature Metal during a chastity show from the past! If you weren’t with us to celebrate the 100th Episode, download the podcast to make sure you don’t miss one hot and sexy moment of this Hot Spot mark on history!

DeliaAndMarilynWHS jpgThe show will be taking a summer hiatus, but we’ll be back in September with loads of kinky fun to cum- even if you’re not allowed to 😉 Stop back here if you find yourself missing our lovely voices and kinky chat, because you can download any of our past podcasts to listen to until we’re back in action!

Have a Hot and Sexy Summer 😉

Episode 97- Sex Toys

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Episode 96- Erotic Humiliation

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Episode 95- Sissy Soiree Preview

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Episode 94 The Chastity Show

Come to the Hot Spot

This week on The Hot Spot no one got to stroke! Our chastity show kept everyone’s hands occupied and away from those horny cocks! Ms. Marilyn’s prostate massager  sex toy idea was perfect for chastity milking and masturbation. Ms. . . . → Read More: Episode 94 The Chastity Show